• Advance i-DSP technology delivers a pure sine wave output suitable for
    electrical and electronic loads
  • More back-up time achieved through intelligent smart design of
    transformer suing primary copper
  • 100% copper design for long life and it delivers 15 a charging current for
    quick charging of battery
  • Charging technique for superior performance of battery
  • Intelligent program reduces grid power consumption for recharging of
  • Enhanced output voltage for battery performance of TV, Lights, Fans,
    Computer, etc
  • Wide operation voltage range, charges battery at low voltage, increased
    battery life




Model number FA-INV-12V-750VA
Capacity 750VA
Mains undervoltage cutoff /recovery 180 V / 190 V 100 V / 110 V
Mains overvoltage cutoff /recovery 265 V / 255 V 295 V / 285 V
Battery charging voltage 180 VAC to 265 VAC 100 VAC to 295 VAC
Output voltage (no load) 230 V
Changeover time ≤ 10 miliseconds ≤ 20 miliseconds
Quick charge current 13.5A
Normal charge current 10A
Boost charge voltage 14.5V
Float charge voltage 13.8V
Low battery cutoff point 10.4V
Number of batteries 1 *12VDC
Recommended battery 65 AH to 200 AH
Charge method Constant current ,followed by constant voltage
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Output frequency (UPS mode) 50 HZ
Efficiency ≥80%
Operation temperature 0 to 45°C
LED indicators Mains,charging,UPS,low battery, overload
Audible alarm Low battery,overload,short circuit
Overload 105% load on UPS (auto reset within 5 re-tries)
overcharge Control battery voltage and current through software
Short circuit MCB Tripe in Main mode and UPS gets shut down in Back-up mode
Thermal UPS get shut down when temperature reaches to 95 at inside UPS
Battery reverse polarity DC fuse on PMB will fail when battery terminals connected wrongly
Battery deep discharge UPS will shut down when battery voltage reches to 10.4 (per battery
Packing information
Quantity 1 piece
Net weight 8.4kg
Gross weight 10.3 kg
Dimensions 32.5 x 32.5 x 17.0 cm