• Pure sin wave output which protect gadgets
  • LCD Display for Batter user interface
  • High charging current for re-charging of battery
  • High Efficiency provide longer back-up
  • LED indication for battery reversal protection


FA-INV-24V-1500VA feature
FA-INV-24V-1500VA 1


Model number FA-INV-24V-1500VA
Capacity 1500VA
Mains undervoltage cutoff /recovery 180 V / 190 V 110 V / 125 V
Mains overvoltage cutoff /recovery 265 V / 255 V 280 V / 270 V
Battery charging voltage 180 VAC to 265 VAC 110 VAC to 280 VAC
Output voltage (no load) 220 V
Changeover time ≤ 20 mili sec ≤ 50 mili sec
Quick charge current 15A
Normal charge current 12A
Boost charge voltage 14.4V/Batt
Float charge voltage 13.8V/Batt
Low battery cutoff point 10.4V/Batt
Number of batteries 2 *12VDC
Recommended battery 80 AH to 180 AH
Charge method Constant current ,followed by constant voltage
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Output frequency (UPS mode) 50 HZ
Efficiency ≥80%
Operation temperature 0 to 50°C
LCD indicators Mains,charging,UPS,low battery, overload,Short circuit
Audible alarm Low battery,Overload,short circuit
Overload 105% load on UPS (auto reset within 5 re-tries)
Overcharge Current and voltage charge controller
Short circuit Shut down (UPS mode),MCB trip (AC mode)
Thermal shut down at 93°C
Battery reverse polarity LED Indication for battery Reversal Protection
Battery deep discharge Cutoff at 10.4V battery level
Packing information
Quantity 1 piece
Net weight 16.5 kg
Gross weight 17.2 kg
Dimensions 38 x 35.5 x 18.0 cm