Centralized electrical protection for sensitive retail equipment. FARBER products ensure you a stable and reliable power supply.  FARBER realizes that if your power supply fails to deliver a clean power your profit will go down. You have to be aware of the consequences of choosing the wrong power flow.


Downtimes can be harsh on electrical equipment. It could shorten the life of electronics to less than half its designed life. You don’t want that in a retail store both selling and operating the latest technologies. Downtimes can also cripple your security systems also your safety system which will lead to theft and big money loss.


Our FARBER power systems provide a set of solutions to maintain your electrical equipment life. By choosing our online UPS to protect your computers, our short and long backup inverters for your CCTV security and fire alarm system and our AVRs in the voltage sensitive devices you ensure not only stability, but raising profits.


Hence FARBER power solutions are made specifically to protect you against all unexpected happenings that can face you in a retail store. To know more about our retail store power solution contact us here.

Are your devices always powered? Hospitals play an important role in our lives. Data files, equipment, and medicine are coveted items that often get lost or damaged.


Important systems need to be powered, always. Hospital security systems need to be powered at all times to prevent all kinds of security breaches. Other security and safety systems need to have a stable power supply to keep operating in their desired way. Keeping the medical devices powered on all the time is an important issue during operations. With our long backup capabilities, our solutions keep hospital security and safety one step ahead of unexpected events. Our range of inverters enable healthcare facilities to maximize modern technologies for protection and safety.


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A stable power supply to fortify banking operations. Financial institutions face attack from many directions and a quick response is needed. Power grid absence, armed robbery and fire are serious dangers that strikes a bank.


FARBER power solutions help financial institutions secure their properties and their assets. Our state-of-the-art Inverters with their long cycle discharge battery platforms create safe environments for personnel and customers by providing a standby power supply for events as they occur. With Farber power inverters strategically placed in —security alarms, fire alarms, firefighting systems, lighting, and backup generators—financial institutions are able to recover from unusual power cut, sabotage, and other potential threats.


Smart charging to sustain battery life. Our long backup power inverters have multiple charging ports that use an intelligent way to charge each battery to the max level in the shortest time possible, yet maintain a steady and long battery life cycle. This reduces the times of periodic maintenance, cost and repairs.


Advanced capabilities for maximum backup. How is that? Our Farber power solutions enable banks to have an extended power supply to ensure the proper function of firefighting systems, long power grid cut times, and backup generator failure.


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UPS and Inverters to help better educate your students. IT forms the backbone communications and information networks of any educational facility and more so at Universities where they can also be used in research to monitor and record results. Often experiments take long time to implement and are also costly and any loss of power can result in losing data and money. Within research laboratories the same implications for system downtime can be applied.


This is why our FARBER online UPS, offline UPS and long back up Inverters are the best choice to avoid downtime loss.


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Have you chosen the right place to check in? Finding a hotel could be tricky. Finding a good hotel could be trickier. Hotel power cuts could be very annoying and that pushes visitors away. This is why you should maintain your hotel’s good name and reputation. Choosing the right power plan plays a key role in maintaining a good reputation because that’s what a visitor searches. Hotel security and safety systems are also affected by your hotel’s power plan and should be highly considered.


Farber supports continuous and uprising profits, this how FARBER with its expertise offers a complete range of high quality long back up Inverters and UPS. As a complete power solution provider for hotels, we offer a competitive solution from the energy supply up to the outlet in a hotel room.

Do you have the right power plan to back up your prison security systems effectively? When it comes to prison security, there’s no room for error. Violent outbreaks, slow response times, and free-flowing contraband pose threats to guards, inmates, and visitors.


That’s why correctional facilities rely on a smart, trusted power plan to deliver the best out of the security systems. Not just security relies on a good power plan, but facility safety does as well. Our range of FARBER long backup inverters enable maximum- and minimum-security facilities to have their security and safety system working all the time no matter how long the grid power takes to be restored or even the backup generators are started. Fire alarm systems, Firefighting system and Public Address systems can be backed up for a long duration with the use of our inverters.


Ask us how can we help you obtain the best out of your prisons systems.

Our modern society is now largely built on a foundation of data. Health authorities, banks, government departments, retail outlets and almost every other organization that involves our lives rely on the safe storage of enormous amounts of data.

FARBER’s uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system ensures this. A reliable UPS will guarantee a flow of continuous, clean power to the data center no matter what happens on the power supply side. No critical data center operates without an effective online UPS.

So reliant have we become on data that zero downtime is now often an essential aspect of their operation. To attain zero downtime, a continuous supply of clean power must be guaranteed and a key component in ensuring this is the uninterruptible power supply (UPS).

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